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About Us

You're probably here because you're looking for some new merchandise, or a printed banner, or perhaps some new workwear for your team.

Let's face it - the choice is probably overwhelming. We get it - we've been there. You've probably got a hundred other things to do as well, and just want to 'get it done'. 

We'll ask some key questions, dig a little, and then make some suggestions to help us Master your Merch.

It's not a hands-free process - your input is needed - but we'll definitely make your merch experience easier, more effective, and hopefully a bit more exciting.

Our Credentials

We're Accredited members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association, which means we follow their sturdy Code of Conduct. We care about your merchandise, and making your brand look good.

Their 'Trained in Promotional Merchandise' programme is part of our induction programme, and we love factory visits and supplier showcase meetings to keep our product knowledge up to date.


Christopher has been helping small businesses and charities communicate for more than 15 years, in a variety of forms. Now, his specialism is promotional merchandise, using creative artwork and calls-to-action to help make the most of this clever marketing tool.

Certified in Promotional Merchandise (Level 2)

Harriet Watts


Harriet handles the back office, ensuring safe passage of your orders, issuing invoices, and chasing deadlines to make sure your job runs smoothly. She also prints and despatches our on-demand New Starter Packs.

Trained in Promotional Merchandise (Level 1)

Allyson Stonehouse


With a background in print production, Allyson creates your visuals, proposes clever design ideas, and checks all your artwork to ensure everything's tickety-boo. Based in Sunderland, she looks after our customers in the North East.

Trained in Promotional Merchandise (Level 1)

Our Values

We want to work with you to achieve the best possible results - our values give an insight as to how we can achieve that.


If something can’t be done, we’ll tell you. If something goes wrong or gets delayed, we’ll keep you in the loop.


We get to know your business’ branding, ethos and style. Creativity could be a clever tagline, printing method, or unusual product approach.


We’d love to work with you as part of your marketing team. Give us a schedule of events, campaigns and themes, and we’ll keep an eye out, dropping you ideas throughout the year and ahead of your key dates.


We will promote and recommend items with genuine sustainability first, in whatever form that may take. Items that look green may not be the best choice.


You won’t find the cheapest possible items with us. Sure, there are some lower priced options - but you need to be confident the products you’re buying will reflect your brand well.