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Knowing where our products end up is almost as important as knowing where they come from.

Understanding that your merchandise is created and disposed of with the planet in mind is likely to align with yours, and your client values.

The first step, however, is to make sure your merchandise is meaningful - avoiding the bin and finding a home and onward use.

The source

When it comes to sustainable products, many of the best options come from our UK and EU factories. Not only are the products great quality, and subject to higher legislative standards, there’s less travel mileage and often, quicker delivery times.

In addition to sustainable manufacturing, many of these factories use recycled or biodegradable materials for extra eco goodness.

Several of our factories create their own renewable energy at source, like solar and hydroelectric power, and many of the couriers we use are committed to carbon neutral delivery.

The afterlife

While your merchandise is obviously going to be too good to throw away, there will come a time it needs to meet its maker. 

Some of our products can refilled - for example, if your Senator pen runs out of ink, you can request a free refill from their website - and we have ranges of refillable pads, too.

Many of our recycled and sustainable products are clearly labelled with their recycling symbol, so they’ll be easy to pop in your green bin if allowed.

Be a sustainability champion

  • Make sure your merchandise is genuinely useful to your recipient, to reduce the chance of it being wasted
  • Choose products sourced regionally where possible, to reduce carbon emissions from transportation
  • Consider products made from recycled or biodegradable organic plastics, to reduce the use of virgin material
  • Recommend or provide information to your customers on how they can recycle or dispose of products after use - we can help with this

Doing our bit

We can't profess to be perfect, but we've taken a few small steps on our journey to reduce our impact.

  • We reuse as much as of our inbound cardboard packaging as possible when sending outward
  • We recycle as much as possible of the rest of our office waste
  • Our office is powered by 100% renewable electricity
  • Our company cars are also 100% electric
  • Our website is hosted using sustainable energy