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Five Steps to Mastering your Merch

It’s so easy to be distracted by the latest shiny piece of merchandise - but there are a few simple things you should think about first. Following our checklist will help ensure you are maximising impact, and getting the best possible outcome from your merch campaign!

1. Your audience

Who do you want to attract? Who is your ideal customer? You should know the perfect recipient of your item right at the start of the process.

2. Your message

You’ll have an ideal action that you’d like your audience to take. Is it to book a meeting, try a free demo, attend one of your stores or take advantage of a discount or voucher code? The messaging printed onto your item should reflect your aims.

Merchandise works at its best when part of a campaign - have you got a social media, leaflet or event campaign that shares the same audience?

It might be worth creating smaller batches of more targeted merchandise, aimed at each sector you are focusing on.

3. The product

Often the place people start when buying merchandise, but it’s so much easier to choose something effective with an audience in mind.

Will the item you’re considering be useful to your recipient in their day-to-day life, or line of work?

Does it fit with their ethical values (is it sustainable, locally made or reusable regularly)? Or will it end up chucked at their kids or stuffed in a drawer - because you don’t want that!

4. The distribution

Your lovingly crafted merch is going to be no use at all if it’s stuck in a box in the corner of your office - so before you order it, make sure you have a plan to get it out into the world.

Will your sales team hand it out during their visit? Is it for stand visitors at an exhibition? Or will you post them out as a thank you to a new client.

5. Talk to us

Once you’ve got a vague idea of how you’d address the four points above, then we’ll help make it a reality. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a firm idea for all of it, our experts will help flesh your plan out, suggest the best products, and make sure we can deliver in time. After all, it’s what we do!

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