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First impressions count! No, they really do. Having a high quality exhibition stand gets people to notice you before you say a single word, and is a reflection on your business.

From basic banners and tablecloths, to bigger fabric displays and counters, there’s an exhibition approach for every budget and floorplan.

Where to start

If you're new to exhibiting, or looking to attend a smaller event, a pair of roller banners and a branded tablecloth are a great place to start.

An exhibition works best when you look cohesive - we can also make sure any merchandise, leaflets and booklets all match your banner design.

Movin' on up

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt (hopefully from us?)

If you're looking for an upgrade from a trusty roller banner, or have a larger space to fill, there are plenty of options.

We love our fabric displays and counters - but talk to us about your floorplan, and we can help you make an impact without looking messy.